Rock 2


Headlining Rock 2 Adopt 2016

The Chardonairs Saturday June 11th @ 3:00pm

     The Wag Sunday June 12th @ 2:00pm

The bands that play Rock 2 Adopt not only donate their time but they get sponsors who donate money to the event and sponsor the band to play. These generous bands help to raise the money that is donated to the Popcorn Park Zoo on behalf of Rock 2 Adopt. Each band/musician strongly believes that pets belong in loving homes and whole heartedly support pet adoption

Check out the bands here on Rock 2 adopt tv . click the link below then click a video from the bottom of the page.

then the facebook logo will go away and you can watch the band/musician perform! Its that easy 


Ripped Monkey See Monkey Do Sergeant Jester ABOUT


​​​​​                Sunday June 21st

                       10:00am-KoKo & Pan

  •        11:00am - RockIt


             12:00pm - Jersey Surecats                               



                  1:00pm Gypsy- A true

                 Stevie Nicks experience      Gyspy                                                                                2:00pm - The Wag


              3:00pm - The Catering Company

              4:00pm  - Samantha Lynne

 0           5:00pm- ShoreSyde Band


               6:00pm - Sergeant Jester


Other special guest performers include.Dennis Townsend, (Heavy Metal Poet) reciting a poem for us at 1050am June 11th and 10am June 12th. Cousin Jared juggling to the tunes of Puppy Grease June 11th 11am and will continue juggling through the crowd both days of the event. Michele Marzano (Cyndy Lauper) photo op June 12th from 4-6 and then a song at 6pm

September 29-30, 2018 at the Popcorn Park Zoo

Rain or shine event

         Saturday June 11th

10:00am- Alex Chernick

11:00am - Puppy Grease

12:00pm - Altered Reality


1:00pm - 6 Gun Sound

2:00pm - Ripped


3:00pm - The Chardonairs

​4:00pm Fyrrhic


5:00pm - Random Notes

6pm- Sergeant Jester and jam